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Date: 12th May 2016
Indoor Water Show
Water showWater show as entertainment has been growing in popularity and has very strong entertainment in the theme park,Website:, commercial property and tourist attraction. Water show makes the most of various elements, water, fogs, flame, firework, projection, lighting, sound, scenery and actors with drama, to create the ultimate theatrical sight and sound experience with high-technology.Successful StoryA Eternal Mystery of Huizhou is a large scale laser live show, produced by Huashan Mysterious Grottoes tourism, Huangshan dingshangding and Huanyu Technologies. Our company ?not only took in charge of screenplay, the theater design, special effect,engineering implementation,rehearsal and successful performance.At this show, we played investor and contractor to significantly present a animated laser show.A eternal mystery of Huizhou,the super laser live show set the Anhui culture as a background, love in Mysterious Grottoes as a storyline, and perfectly integrated the native elements like the ancient creation in Huizhou and the war and love in a native story in Heqi, and blood devastation.At the same time, it blended ?many modern technology and arts like laser effect, 3D mapping, 360 water screen and stage blood.?Remark?As?our?product?is?customized?project,?please?kindly?provide?the?detail?information?about?your?requirements,CAD?drawing,?site?conditions?and?roughly?budget,?we?have?a?strong?capacity?to?provide??the?most?creative?and?satisfied?design?andservice?for?you.