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Date: 1st July 2016
Large Scale Music Fountain
Product Name:? :Large scale music fountainWhen the water synchronizes with music rhythm and dance to the music,Website:,? It gives a dazzling extravaganza effect to the environment and to fascinate the audiences. It is good playful element to refresh and please the crowd.The musical program setting can be applied to any kind of water fountain. Ideal for amusement park, hotels, large mall and garden etc., where you want to turn the site into attractive piece.?Company?NameHuanyu?TechnologiesService?RangeFountain?Design,?Manufacturing,?On-site?Installation?&?After?sales?MaintenanceLocationGuangdong,?China?(Mainland)Company?CertificationsISO?9001:2008;?CEPayment?TermsT/T,?L/C,?Western?union,?Money?gram,?CashDelivery?Time15?-?20?DaysWater?PatternsMultimedia?Control?/?Music?Control?/?Program?Control?/Classic?Static(Music,?Fire?spray,?Fog?system?etc.)Warranty12-month?Free?WarrantyNozzle?MaterialStainless?Steel?304Pipe?MaterialStainless?Steel?304,316Pump?MaterialStainless?Steel?304?/?Cast-iron(UF,?Grundfos?or?China?made?brand)Light?TypeMulticolored?Underwater?Light,?LED5W/12W/18W/24V/36W/54W,?Stainless?Steel?304?ShellCablesUnderwater?cables?in?accordance?with?IEC?StandardControl?Cabinet?Voltage220v/380v(Mainly)?/?CustomizePackagingWooden?Case20~30?days?for?material?preparation?after?receiving?prepayment.This rainbow through a river is just as a sword split the night.This kind of music fountain is fit for the open water area so that it could show its shock and elegance vividly.?The music fountain and lighting set the river off to its advantage.?I have never think that before: the integrity of light and water could make a such a beautiful view.?Remark?As our product is customized project, please kindly provide the detail information about your requirements,CAD drawing, site conditions and roughly budget, we have a strong capacity to provide the most creative and satisfied design andservice for you.?