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Date: 12th May 2016
Music Fountain
Music fountain is a type of animated fountain for entertainment purposes that creates an aesthetic design including three-dimensional images.When the water synchronizes with music rhythm and dance to the music,Website:, ?It gives a dazzling extravaganza effect to the environment and to fascinate the audiences. It is good playful element to refresh and please the crowd.The musical program setting can be applied to any kind of water fountain. Ideal for amusement park, hotels, large mall and garden etc., where you want to turn the site into attractive piece.Our?ServicesOur?professional?turn-key?service?includes:Project?planning?and?budget?projectionsConceptual?design?and?development;?provide?sketch,?CAD?drawing?and?animation?videoConcept?implementationDifferent?material?for?selection?to?meet?your?budget?and?requirementComponents?produced?or?customizedSafety?packing?to?ensure?equipment?are?properly?protected.Professional?and?economical?installationTraining?for?operation?and?trouble?shooting12?months?free?warranty?since?from?completed?installation?and?employer?approvalLifelong?maintenanceDesign?Team:Provide?design?sketch,?drawing,?and?animation?videoExcellent?design?team?to?work?for?you!?3~7?working?days?for?designEconomical?Installation?and?Debugging:Our?engineers?have?rich?experience?for?offering?technical?guides?for?overseas'?project,?we?offer?our?customers?reasonable?and?economical?installation?services;Installation?will?be?charged?by?the?actual?workdays;Reliable?After-sale?Service:Customers?could?be?trained?by?us?to?shoot?any?troubles;We?will?supply?enough?spare?parts?for?each?project;24?hours'?time?solution?of?calling?or?email?contacting?is?always?be?available.Lifelong?maintenanceCompany?IntroductionHTL?is?a?leading?group?that?specializes?in?manufacturing?and?providing?service?for?various?type?of?water?fountain;?please?see?product?category?for?details.Whatever?your?challenge?may?be,?we?can?help?you?to?turn?your?idea?into?the?fountain?of?your?dreams.We?offer?expertise,?consultation?and?full?technical?support?team?for?you,?to?make?sure?your?fountain?are?on?the?right?path?to?completion.It always hot in the tropical area and green vegetation in the desert land like the music fountain most, because water could bring cool and also they could dance samba withe the music tempo.?This kinds of music fountain could spray to 10 floor.?To be honesty, that is just our "small case"in our designed high pressure jetting.?The modern city shall ?be with more style if there is no ?colorful lights.At least music fountain designer with gray tone still believe that.?This is vivid symphony concert. The music fountain designer played a water movement as a wonderful music note.?The water movement and purple light bring human to a magic world.?The magic is made by human's imagination and creation. The design of the music fountain is to make the integrity of the light and water prominent.?Those red poeny is fully bloomed on the water which is set off by the light. This kind of music fountain is very suitable for traditional festival.?Could you bear there is no elegant music fountain on the plaza in front of high-end hotel? This style is suitable for those ladies and gentleman.?How to attract people in one place.Those who hang up on the street always like excitement.Music fountain designers would definitely show their creation on the waking street.?Now, music fountain is telling us the romance of the pink light and gentleness of the water.?This kind of music fountain mainly show the significance of the high pressure jetting with little lighting.??The lighting designer of this kind of music fountain must refer to the color assortment in the fashion show in Paris. It is so grand and elegant!?This rainbow through a river is just as a sword split the night.This kind of music fountain is fit for the open water area so that it could show its shock and elegance vividly.?Music fountain sounds quietly and green water spout is tall and straight like bamboo.?100 meters high spray is the highlight of this kind of music fountain, which is suitable for the taste of the high-end hotel.?Your mystery is water magic for these music fountain designers.We never know what is the next.We will fell so bored if we ?see ?a lot of colorful street and tall and big architecture.Only the nature of the music fountain could relax everybody.?No big and high but clever any time, ?no significance ?but cuteness.this kind of music fountain designer should be a beauty with a beautiful soul.?This is bamboo forest mixed by matrix music fountain and green lighting.Its visual sense could relax our tired eyes.The music fountain and lighting set the river off to its advantage.?This is a big show of light and water in the music fountain, which brings human to a unbelievable visual feast.?I have never think that before: the integrity of light and water could make a such a beautiful view.?Poetic music fountain is like a poetic language. high and straight?The Brich tree is passionate in its heart just ?as handsome boy is expecting to meet a beautiful girl.?The mixture with golden building and blue light cross is a technological music fountain.??The streamer serial for music fountain: I just want to be a purple narcissus bloomed quitely and enjoy the passing of the time.?This is a music fountain with deep mystery?The charmed purple high spray ,and the flying green laser effect is just like a attractive dancer.??The clever use of laser is a ?huge plus? of the music fountain, but it is hard to understand what the designer wants to express.Remark?As?our?product?is?customized?project,?please?kindly?provide?the?detail?information?about?your?requirements,CAD?drawing,?site?conditions?and?roughly?budget,?we?have?a?strong?capacity?to?provide??the?most?creative?and?satisfied?design?andservice?for?you.