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Date: 12th May 2016
Outdoor Water Show
Water showWater show as entertainment has been growing in popularity and has very strong entertainment in the theme park,Website:, commercial property and tourist attraction. Water show makes the most of various elements, water, fogs, flame, firework, projection, lighting, sound, scenery and actors with drama, to create the ultimate theatrical sight and sound experience with high-technology.Successful Story?Spring of Dream?,a water show in Wuyi,showed a magical story that 3 farmers found distinctive spring in Juqi stream side so that they get into a dream. The water show which integrated the water, flame, fog, dance , 4D animation and all kinds of special effect, and blended those native elements like King City of ancient Fujian, Longyu drama, and Wuyi palace, showed and eulogized the beauty of the Juqi Stream.To satisfy the needs and ?expectation of Chinese audiences,Huanyu Technologies specially took charge of design and production of the water show of Wuyi and ceremoniously presented for viewers a 70-min grand and wonderful audio-visual feast by the more wonderful performance, more beautiful visual experience and clearer storyline.?Remark?As?our?product?is?customized?project,?please?kindly?provide?the?detail?information?about?your?requirements,CAD?drawing,?site?conditions?and?roughly?budget,?we?have?a?strong?capacity?to?provide??the?most?creative?and?satisfied?design?andservice?for?you.??