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Date: 12th May 2016
Theater Water Show
Water showWater show as entertainment has been growing in popularity and has very strong entertainment in the theme park,Website:, commercial property and tourist attraction. Water show makes the most of various elements, water, fogs, flame, firework, projection, lighting, sound, scenery and actors with drama, to create the ultimate theatrical sight and sound experience with high-technology.Successful StoryOn August 8th ,?Back to Western Regions? ,the large scale indoor live show ,make its debut in Xinjiang Grand Theater. Since then, Xinjiang diverse culture has started a new journey to the world.?Huanyu Technologies,as a world-leading designation and production standard,built the stage in Xinjiang Grand Theater with high technology like bright fountain,laser effect,digital watercurtain, fog, waterfall and firework.?Remark?As?our?product?is?customized?project,?please?kindly?provide?the?detail?information?about?your?requirements,CAD?drawing,?site?conditions?and?roughly?budget,?we?have?a?strong?capacity?to?provide??the?most?creative?and?satisfied?design?andservice?for?you.